How do I know if an imported engine/transmission will work for me?

We recommend calling our specialists to determine if a JDM engine or transmission is available for your car. We maintain a comprehensive interchange from our 30+ years in business and may have options available that no other importer can offer.


What do I need to replace when installing my new engine?

Our used Japanese engines will usually come with the JDM intake and accessories. These parts will need to be removed and replaced with your USDM originals for the engine to fit in your vehicle. We always recommend replacing gaskets, timing belt, radiator, thermostat, fan switch and all other maintenance items when installing an engine. We sell install kits for most Japanese vehicles which include a full gasket set for the install.


Should I replace my engine/transmission, or have it repaired?

We recommend speaking with a reputable shop before deciding to replace your engine. It can sometimes be cheaper to repair than replace. If you do have a major problem with your engine or are dealing with a high mileage vehicle it can be more economical to buy a JDM replacement. Japanese engines and transmissions are low mileage and readily available for many vehicles.


Why are used Japanese engines/transmissions so inexpensive?

Japanese law is geared toward “forced obsolescence”, which means they make it very expensive and impractical to own and operate an older car in Japan. When they buy a new car the old one ends up being recycled. The engine and transmission are pulled out and exported all over the world, so there is always a steady supply of newer JDM engines and transmissions available. We import these engines, transmissions, clips and parts from our trusted suppliers and pass the savings on to our customers while offering one of the best warranties in the business.


What do we mean by “Low Mileage”?

Even though many people in Japan need a car to get around, the high cost of gasoline and availability of public transportation in Japan lead most people to use their vehicles rarely and keep them well maintained until it is time to replace them. Because of this and since most Japanese vehicles are recycled or parked after only a few years of light use, most of our imported engines and transmissions average about 50,000 miles. Please keep in mind that this is an average number, and we cannot offer exact figures on every engine and transmission. Some may have more or less miles on them.


Other importers sometimes advertise engines with 30,000 miles. Is this accurate?

Contrary to what some suppliers may advertise, the average mileage of engines, transmissions and parts being exported from Japan is roughly 50,000 miles. This has risen in recent years due to a downturn in the Japanese economy, and it is nearly impossible for any supplier to source verifiable 20,000 - 30,000 mile average imports.


Will a Japanese engine/transmission fit in my car with no modifications?

Yes, using your long block (Short block and heads) and all external components. Foreign Engines maintains an extensive interchange of which Japanese engines and transmissions will fit your vehicle. A replacement JDM long block engine will fit your car if you use your own accessories, intake and exhaust manifolds, etc. In most cases you will not even need to retune your ECU unless it is a high-performance vehicle.


Will I need to retune my ECU if I replace my engine with a JDM one?

For non high-performance vehicles you will never need to get a tune after swapping engines. Vehicles with turbochargers or superchargers may need a tune for reliability and maximum performance but will usually run with the OEM map.


What is “Direct Import”?

We import our low mileage used engines, transmissions, and JDM parts directly from our trusted suppliers in Japan. While true JDM imports are more expensive than buying from other countries, they are almost always lower mileage and higher quality. We value quality over quantity, and only do business with suppliers who provide high quality, tested engines and transmissions.


Do you sell only imported JDM engines?

When a direct replacement from Japan is unavailable for your car, we may be able to source a low mileage alternative from one of our US market suppliers. These engines and transmissions tend to have closer to 60,000-70,000 miles on average but are still covered by our industry leading 1 year warranty.


How are these used engines/transmissions “Tested and Cleaned”?

All our engines are compression tested and steam cleaned in Japan before being loaded for shipping. When unloading the engines and transmissions from the container, we run through a checklist to verify their quality and check for damage before adding them to our inventory.


What does an engine installation kit include? Do I need to buy it?

Our engine installation kits include Timing Belt (If needed), Thermostat, Gaskets (Intake, Exhaust, Thermostat, Valve cover), Camshaft seals, Crankshaft seals, and Oil filter. We recommend replacing these maintenance items when installing an engine. While all of these items can be purchased online or through a dealer or auto parts store, we offer a full kit for your convenience.


Do you sell other parts besides engines/transmissions?

Yes! Foreign Engines carries imported JDM parts, front clips for RHD conversions, seats, wheels, high performance swaps and more. Our inventory is always changing with availability, so please call us or check our website for the most up to date list.


Are JDM engines better than rebuilt engines?

In our 30+ years of experience in the automotive and import industry, we have found most rebuilt engines have a failure rate between 10-25%. Of course, this always depends on the shop doing the rebuild, but finding a reputable shop can be difficult. Many rebuilders have very low standards for rebuilds because it is cheaper for them to sell a lot of engines instead of focusing on quality of the products they sell. Unfortunately, this passes a very high cost on to the consumer if a faulty engine or transmission needs to be replaced because their warranty rarely covers labor. This means that you as the customer are stuck with a bill for hundreds of dollars more in labor charges. We don’t think this is acceptable, so we don’t offer rebuilt engines or transmissions at Foreign Engines. Instead, we sell high quality JDM imported engines and transmissions covered by the best warranty in the business. We even offer an optional labor warranty just in case one of our engines fails within our one-year guarantee.


How do I place an order?

We recommend calling our sales staff to see which engine or transmission will fit your vehicle. A US market model can have one of many different engines or transmissions, even in the same year of production. We maintain a comprehensive interchange to ensure that you get the correct engine for your vehicle every time. Give us a call at 1 (800) 333 9889 (Washington) or 1 (800) 552 1595 (Idaho).